The team at SACW Paving are dedicated to bringing you the finest in ceramic flooring surfaces whatever your outside requirements are. Terraces or patios, swimming pools or paving, we can help to create an environment which speaks of style, comfort and beauty with our low maintenance Porcelain slabs.

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Five practical and versatile solutions to suit every project.

  1. Raised installation: Fully adjustable and low noise rubber pedestals, using these new pedestal systems you can reduce differences in heights, levels and easily run wires and pipes underneath.
  2. Adhered to screed:  Conventional way of tiling.
  3. Dry installation onto grass: Easy, instant, dry, no need for screeds, mortar or adhesive.
  4. Dry installation onto gravel and sand: : Quick and easy to lay, dry, no need for screeds, mortar or adhesive.
  5. Dry installation onto sand: : Easy, instant, dry, no need for screeds, mortar or adhesive.


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Why put up with the high maintenance external flooring?

Every spring having to reseal your stone slabs or sand and paint your wood decking?

Why spend time and money looking after natural stone or concrete slabs and paving that will weather and requiring expensive, timeconsuming maintenance?

We hold a fantastic range of 20mm porcelain paving tiles in stock and available for same day collection or next day delivery.

Our fantastic range of porcelain tiles are impervious so cannot stain with BBQ fat, bird droppings or fallen leaves etc. This makes them easy to clean even with a high antislip finish.