SACW Director tackles Assault Course in aid of NSPCC

Posted on: 24th Jan 2014

On Sunday 27th April Stuart Wisbey, Director of Stone & Ceramic Warehouse just off Bollo Lane, is taking part in the world renowned endurance course "Tough Mudder" in aid of The Liam Charity tribute fund which raises money for the NSPCCs ChildLine service. "People may think me mad, but the reasons for taking part are to highlight particular issues facing children who are bullied - the devastating and tragic effects reach further than people can imagine" said Stuart.

Stuarts close friend, Aaron Hearne set up the fund after losing his younger brother Liam who took his own life after suspected being bullying at school. Aaron says of his brother Liam was an intelligent, artistic, witty and loving young man, who touched more lives than imaginable in his short time on earth. He had a great passion for art and spent hours drawing in the front room pretty much anything and everything. Me nor my family or Liams friends will never know what decisions led to this unforeseen event which resulted in Liam taking his own life, but all we can do is give the means to those who dedicate their lives to help children and young adults fight through their adversities.

In preparation, Stuart has hit a training schedule that is pretty intense, which, given the fact the Tough Mudder obstacle course is based on that of the Special Forces, is not surprising! 15 mile runs, endless pull ups, sit ups and press ups in order to build his core strength, it hasnt been easy. Im a pretty sporty guy anyway, but starting this strict regime was a bit of a chore to start with, but like anything, it becomes routine and to be honest quite enjoyable, its just relentless at present, but it will be worth it in the end!.

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